our hands on approach

Foot orthotics from Progressive Step are custom made in our on-site manufacturing lab!

What are Foot Orthotics?

A foot orthotic is a support structure that can be made out of a variety of materials, that is placed inside a shoe in effort to improve comfort while addressing alignment concerns.

Foot orthotics can serve many purposes:

they can enhance joint alignment
they can change gait patterns
they can assist in making the feet better shock absorbers
they can help create a stable and repeatable movement pattern
they can unweight pressure points in over loaded areas
A custom made orthotic addresses your unique alignment and concerns. As such, many different material or specific additions are available to use depending on the desired outcome of the intervention. Soft materials, flexible materials, rigid materials, or combinations there of can be used in the design and construction of foot orthotics. What type of orthotics are best for you? Age, weight, foot shape, foot size, activity level, family history, personal history, traumas, conditions, and diseases all play a factor in understanding who you are from a movement perspective.
To attain the best result from the use of orthotics, your outcome will be more successful when used consistently in conjunction with the proper footwear, activity awareness, strengthening programs, and stretching programs. Orthotics should not be seen or used as an instant cure all device.

What is custom?

Custom means orthotics made specifically for you from a 3 dimensional foot cast.

Why is an "on-site" manufacturing lab important?

Quality, convenience, and follow-up. If we make it, we can alter it.

Our Pedorthists take a hands on approach to crafting each and every pair of custom orthotics for our patients. Knowing the subtleties and your unique alignment obtained during your comprehensive evaluation and incorporating those subtleties into the orthotics design and fabrication helps to yield the best environment for success.

All bodies respond differently to orthotic intervention. It is important to be able to adjust orthotics in a timely manner, on-site, when necessary.
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