Orthotics + Shoes = Best Outcome


Your Custom Made Orthotics are only part of the equation.


Supportive foot wear is paramount in obtaining all the goals your Pedorthist had set for your treatment.

Your Pedorthist has reviewed what to look for when you go shoe shopping.


Below are helpful reminders

Wide Base of Support


  •  When the area indicated by the arrows is hour-glassed, the shoes support is reduced

Strong heel counter


  • Press heel with thumb and heel counter should not bend

Good Forefoot Rocker


  • The shoe should roll off the toe

Good Flex points


  • When the heel and toe are pressed together the shoe should  flex where the toes naturally bend

Strong torsional stability!


  • Wow that is a mouthful.  You do not want your shoe to ring out like a dish rag.

Deep Toe Box

Wide Toe Box

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