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What are Foot Orthotics? A foot orthotic is a support structure that can be made out of a variety of materials, that is placed inside a shoe in effort to create a more comfortable outcome from the patients reported alignment concerns. Foot orthotics can serve many purposes: ﷯ They can enhance joint alignment They can change gait patterns They can assist in making the feet better shock absorbers They can help create a stable and repeatable movement pattern They can unweight pressures in over loaded areas and so on. What is important about a custom made orthotic is that it addresses your unique alignment and concerns. As such many different materials or specific additions are available to use depending on the desired outcome of the intervention. Soft materials, flexible materials, rigid materials or combinations there of can be used in the design and construction of foot orthotics. What type of orthotics are best for you? Maybe none, or you may be a candidate. Age, weight, foot shape, foot size, activity level, family history, personal history, traumas, conditions, diseases all play a factor in understanding who you are from a movement perspective. *To attain the best result from the use of foot orthotics, they are often used most successfully in conjunction with a variety of support combinations: the proper footwear, activity awareness, strengthening programs, stretching programs, use with allied heath care professionals. Orthotics should not be seen or used as an instant, magic cure all device. What is custom? It sounds simple but over the years the word custom has been twisted, rounded, shaved and interpreted. From a Pedorthist perspective custom means an orthotics made specifically for you from a 3 dimensional non weight bearing foot cast. Custom orthotics are made from raw materials; raw what? Raw materials are materials that have been selected to achieve the best outcome for your alignment, materials that are specifically molded and shaped to your foot structures. Why do we make our orthotics on site? Quality, convenience and speed - Our on site fabrication facility has been Accredited by the Canadian College of Pedorthics to ensure fabrication quality We take pride in hand crafting each and every pair of custom orthotics for our patients. Knowing the subtleties of your unique alignment from your comprehensive evaluation and incorporating those subtleties into the orthotics design and fabrication helps to yield opportunities for success. By fabricating orthotics for our own patients we know how the orthotics are made and who is making them. By fabricating our own orthotics we can ensure timely turn around and service without shipping concerns.



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