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We currently have 5 appointment types


Initial Biomechanical Assessment


For first time patients.

A Doctor referral will be required by both Progressive Step and your extended medical plan.

You will need to bring a pair of shorts or pants that roll above the knee, and current footwear.




For returning patients who may have had a change in their biomechanics due to injury, weight change or current orthotics that are more than 5 years old.  Please bring current orthotics and footwear.


Adjustment appointment


For patients needing an adjustment to their orthotics.


Knee-brace appointment


This is for patients with a Dr. referral for a knee brace.  Shorts will be required at this appointment.


Fitting Appointments


This appointment is for patients who have ordered custom orthotics and will be having them fit to their shoes.


Shoe Fitting, Ankle Braces, Knee Sleeves, Walking Boots, and much more are serviced on a walk-in basis.




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As our appointments book up quickly, it is best to call our office to book your appointment.


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